Vetrazzo in Lake Geneva Wisconsin


Foot traffic in our showroom has been on the rise and many people are going green and asking about Vetrazzo. Dunn Lumber located at 826 North Street in Lake Geneva Wisconsin is situated near beautiful Lake Geneva in the heart of the city. With over one hundred years and four generations in the same family it is no wonder that suppliers are coming to our door peddling their products. The one product that we openly embraced was Vetrazzo. Not only because the green movement has flourished, but the company as a whole takes keeping it green, to heart. 

Vetrazzo is manufactured in Richmond, California in a facility that used to produce Ford automobiles before closing and remaining empty for the past thirty years.  Manufactured using 85% glass, all of which is recycled; is mixed with a binder of cement, additives, and pigments to create beautiful, durable countertops.  The recycled glass is obtained from many sources, curbside recycling or post-industrial usage like windows, automotive glass, or decommissioned traffic lenses.  One 5 foot by 9 foot panel can recycle up to 1000 bottles, the energy saved from recycling just one bottle could run a 60 watt bulb for four hours; imagine the impact your countertop can have on the environment.

With a greater awareness placed on green products, green manufacturing, and sustainability; more and more products are emerging in the marketplace.  It’s not easy to determine which are actually green, but you can be certain that Vetrazzo is on the forefront.  So not only are you getting a gorgeous countertop, a center piece for everyday living, a great incentive to recycle your bottles, but the peace of mind knowing you are contributing to the overall health of the planet.


One Response to “Vetrazzo in Lake Geneva Wisconsin”

  1. 1 Craig

    Great blog! Here at Vetrazzo we are glad to hear that the Lake Geneva community has embraced a sustainable way of looking at the products they purchase. We would love to see any photos of Vetrazzo projects in your area and present your work on the Vetrazzo website. Please send them to and look for them at We’d also like to thank Dunn Lumber for providing Lake Geneva with sustainable building material choices.

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