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As much as I have enjoyed my employment with Dunn Lumber in Lake Geneva, WI I am very sad to say that I am no longer there. Like many people, I have lost my job due to the economy. Many of my regular builders/contractors have felt the the effects on the housing market and when they aren’t busy, neither am I.  I appreciate all of the years of business they have given me and maybe I will land on my feet somewhere else and be able to continue serving them.
I was an employee for over Eleven years and have spent the last several months of my employment trying to find new business to fill in what was lost. I started a blog, spent time updating my LinkedIn account, participated in a local home show, and as a joint venture; tried to do some email marketing. The email marketing led to a nice intro to prospective customers, gave me something to discuss when calling.  Unfortunately all of this was to no avail.  However, I would like to send a huge thank you to my email marketing “partner”.  This was something I had never done before and I found I really enjoyed both the creativity of it as well as execution.

Thanks Nate.  Keep in touch and continue selling.

At Dunn Lumber in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; there are many products for your home.  From screws, to faucets.  From lumber to custom cabinets.  If you’re in the market for new kitchen countertops though, you may be interested in learning more about Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces.  Cambria is pure natural quartz mixed with small amounts of pigments and epoxy resin; quartz is an extremely hard mineral which gives Cambria it’s strength.  Cambria is nonporous, so unlike granite it does not require any sealing and it won’t absord liguid or food particles reducing the risk of staining and anitbacterial growth.  Unlike other quartz products on the market today, Cambria is manufactured right here in the United States; LeSueur, Minnesota. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of Cambria.  It offers the benefits of granite; without the maintenance!  It’s made in the midwest, I love that!  The color selection is just under 50, undermount sinks are awesome, and the installation is fantastic.  Another imporant factor is that it’s  green product.  Since it is produced in the USA, it has lower transporation requirements, it is indoor air quality certified, and it’s radon free.  In addition to the green”ability” of the product itself, 100% of the water used in production is recycled, shipping crates and recycled and refurbished, and some of their fleet vehicles are hybrids.

Best feature for me however it that is is made in the USA!!!

Foot traffic in our showroom has been on the rise and many people are going green and asking about Vetrazzo. Dunn Lumber located at 826 North Street in Lake Geneva Wisconsin is situated near beautiful Lake Geneva in the heart of the city. With over one hundred years and four generations in the same family it is no wonder that suppliers are coming to our door peddling their products. The one product that we openly embraced was Vetrazzo. Not only because the green movement has flourished, but the company as a whole takes keeping it green, to heart. 

Vetrazzo is manufactured in Richmond, California in a facility that used to produce Ford automobiles before closing and remaining empty for the past thirty years.  Manufactured using 85% glass, all of which is recycled; is mixed with a binder of cement, additives, and pigments to create beautiful, durable countertops.  The recycled glass is obtained from many sources, curbside recycling or post-industrial usage like windows, automotive glass, or decommissioned traffic lenses.  One 5 foot by 9 foot panel can recycle up to 1000 bottles, the energy saved from recycling just one bottle could run a 60 watt bulb for four hours; imagine the impact your countertop can have on the environment.

With a greater awareness placed on green products, green manufacturing, and sustainability; more and more products are emerging in the marketplace.  It’s not easy to determine which are actually green, but you can be certain that Vetrazzo is on the forefront.  So not only are you getting a gorgeous countertop, a center piece for everyday living, a great incentive to recycle your bottles, but the peace of mind knowing you are contributing to the overall health of the planet.

Green Building


I have been in the kitchen and bath industry for thirteen years and have seen trends come, go, and come again. One trend that I think will stick around for quite a while is the green building movement. Most of the green products I come across carry a hefty price tag compared to the less green products. Just as with any new product however; I feel the popularity of green products along with a growing concern and consciousness towards  a better environment will allow for continual improvements to production and make them more cost effective.  One product of interest, Vetrazzo countertops.  Vetrazzo is manufactured here in the United States using recycled glass which makes up 85% of the total material.  It is combined with cement, additives, and pigments to create beautiful works of art; I mean countertops.  Vetrazzo is focused on being green and does so beyond the products itself.  They are a US-based business using only US-based products.  Their manufacturing facility was a Ford manufacturing plant that had closed some 30 years before and the use of some strategically placed windows allows for enough light for production without the use of electricity.  This is truly a green product from a green business and although the price is more than many other countertop products on the market it is not only good for the environment, it is good for everyone!